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Posted by albeitlunacy on June 13, 2007

josie.jpg Hi I am Josie! Awhile ago, my owner passed away. She was very nice and left me with her son. Unfortunately I was very depressed about being without my owner. I started to nervously pluck out all of my feathers. My new owner brought me to WOTR to get rehabilitation for my plucking habits and lots of good vitamins and nutrients. I was placed in the Sanctuary there and will always be a resident. My new owner still visits me often. I have a foster mom who has been keeping me overnight for visits. Since then I have started to grow back some of my feathers and I am not plucking as often.


Here I am now. See all of my new feathers! Thanks WOTR for keeping me safe!


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Posted by albeitlunacy on June 13, 2007


Hi, I am Paco. I am a Green Winged Macaw. I came to WOTR as a rescue bird. My owners kept me at a bar. The people there were very mean to me and would throw things at me and poke me with things. I was scared and hurt one of the humans very badly. At WOTR, I am learning to adjust to human contact again even though I may never be a hand held bird. I get to eat lots of fruits and nuts and people are nice to me here.

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Posted by albeitlunacy on June 13, 2007


Hi, I am Chief. I wanted to come on here and teach people the importance of keeping us out of harm’s way. Parrots are curious and we are very smart. However, we are not always smart enough to realize that some human things are bad for us. I chewed through a lamp cord and now know I will never do that again! I received a lot of neurological damage and my owners brought me to WOTR for help. Everyone there takes very good care of me, making sure I am safe and getting the care I need to get better.

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Posted by albeitlunacy on June 10, 2007

Hi I’m Smokey. I came to Wings Over the Rainbow to get help and sanctuary.


I had a horrible accident.  Deborah took me in as a rescue and has helped me recover. As you can see I am doing much better now. With the love and care I receive, my feathers are growing back and I am getting to be more comfortable with human contact.

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